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Company Profile

Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts, under the management of PT Grahawita Santika, was established in 1981. It was begun with; the company bought, build, and renovate hotels into chains of Santika Hotels. As owner and or operator of Santika Hotels, PT Grahawita Santika offers international business and leisure travelers seeking alternatives that meet their needs and budgets.

Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts provides uniquely Indonesian hospitality in each city. Experience local tradition and personal touch in every detail of rooms, pools, and lounges. Pamper yourself in complete indulgence while focusing on your business with our exclusive Wi-Fi internet connection in your room.

The Business Center in Santika Hotels also provides a distinctively high-tech board room that has a personal living room. With a lounge-like vibe, be fully comfortable with our latest technology while achieving your greater goals.

With ISO 9001/2008 standard, Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts gives you all the best in convenience, comforts, service, and security.

The Philosophy

A touch of Indonesian Hospitality with brilliance of highest standards in hotel services.

As a trendsetter in a highly competitive hotel industry, Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts provides top-class facilities and services combined with easy access to airports, commercial centers, and cultural areas of interests, government offices, and recreational retreats.

All this luxury can be found not only in Jakarta or Bali, but lesser-known yet equally important destination all over Indonesia.

With our vision to become the preferred choice for Indonesia’s middle and upper market segments, we constantly seek to create more value for all our stakeholders by combining quality with professionalism and service by heart.

We offer a value-for-money accommodation and uncompromising hospitality in well appointed facilities. By offering tradition themes in design and traditional standards of hospitality, we aim to bring the touch of Indonesia to all our Santika Hotels & Resorts and The Royal Collection.

The Brand

We value our tradition and natural touch and serve you with the best of Indonesian home.

The brand values of Santika Hotels are ‘Indonesian Home’, a home that portrays the true Indonesian hospitality. With our distinctive facilities and services, we pamper our guests with unique local tradition, natural touch environment, perfect family values and freshness in every aspect of the hotel.

Experience the traditional details, uncanny taste of our mouthwatering gourmet, resort feeling at the pool side in Bali, and our exclusive meeting rooms with state of the art technology. Expect nothing but the best in both worlds, here at Santika Hotels & Resorts and The Royal Collection.

Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts
Our extensive brands from two, three, four, five-star rated hotels and luxurious villas cater the demand for upscale, mid and budget market business and leisure travelers.

Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts’ brands are:

The ANVAYA (Five Stars)

The ANVAYA is everything you would expect from a five star hotel. Exclusive rooms, ultimate feel in services and comfort.

Hotel Santika Premiere (Four Stars)

Experience a complete comfort in Hotel Santika Premiere. We provide nothing but the best with more personal touch in our services.

Hotel Santika (Three Stars)

Hotel Santika provides a more complete set of services with spacious guest rooms and suites available to the needs of discerning business and leisure travelers.


Amaris Hotel by Santika (Two Stars)

Amaris is our value-for-money branch that provides the best bed and breakfast for young businessman and traveler who values their time and money.

The Royal Collection

The Royal Collection is private luxurious boutique villas for those seeking a more secluded and tasteful alternative to the existing range of accommodation. It is also a tourist attraction for its wonderful environment and traditional values.

The Royal Collection includes:

The Samaya (Luxurious Boutique Villas)

The Samaya Luxurious Boutique Villas are the perfect sanctuary with personalized and customized suites with heavenly natural environment.

The Kayana (Boutique Villas)

The Kayana Boutique Villas are heaven on earth in Bali. Imagine the perfect sunset and excitement of infinite dream come true in the Land of Gods.

The People

Feel the intimate and sincere smile of the staff and enjoy your wonderful days with our wonderful people.

A comfortable hotel is only possible when a thorough-minded team of professional individuals works in harmony for the benefit of customers. We believe that every member of our staff holds the key to ultimate customer satisfaction. Our people have adopted this philosophy, and they believe in it. Every Santika Employee is considered an integral part of the group’s success.

With a friendly smile, polite, helpful and an open heartedly, our employees are more than ready to help you with everything you need. From the moment you check-in, and the day you check-out, feel the unique hospitality from us.

Future Plan

As the leading company hospitality management in Indonesia, PT.Grahawita Santika provides full range of services to partners, clients and investors. The company is geared towards meeting the needs of leisure, business and up-market travelers, while adhering to the same high standards of service across each of its Hotel Amaris, Hotel Santika, Hotel Santika Premiere, The ANVAYA, The Samaya and The Kayana.

We understand our investor’s concerns, and what it takes to run a prosperous hotel company. That is why we’re thriving to help investor save more money on purchasing and training, and maintaining properties and equipment.

With the best advertising and marketing, promotion and professional management, our management contract scheme guarantees professionalism in every aspect of our operation, with our unique management support services and brand-specific marketing strategies have proven track record in maximizing returns for our investors.