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Lying just 8 degrees beneath the equator, the island of Bali is a small Hindu enclave located in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago. Despite its size, the island has a diverse landscape that is blessed with flourishing rice terraces, a chain of volcanic mountains, rugged coastline and a network of rivers that carve meandering pathways through the tropical environment.

The people of Bali largely follow the Hindu religion, which was introduced to the island during the 14th century when high caste nobles and priests fled Java at the downfall of the mighty Majapahit Empire. As a highly artistic race of people, the Balinese are extremely proud of their cultural heritage and religious rituals and ceremonial rites dominate most aspects of daily life.

Not a day passes on the Balinese lunar calendar without some sort of ceremony taking place where elaborate offerings of fruit and flowers are made to appease the Gods. The underlying philosophy of Hinduism is all about balance and maintaining a peaceful existence between all components of the physical and unseen worlds.

Modern Bali has fully embraced tourism and the island offers so much to see and do for international travellers. Whether it's a day at the beach surfing, indulging with a traditional spa treatment, partaking a cooking class, rafting down the river, trekking on the back of an elephant, taking in the cultural sights or just hitting the shops - there are endless alternatives. The island of Bali presents a choice of different experiences as well as the gracious hospitality that ultimately holds it all together.

  • Hotel Santika Premiere Beach Resort Bali
  • Hotel Santika Premiere Beach Resort Bali