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Loyalty Program

Kompas Gramedia Value Card (KGVC)

This is a membership card provided by Kompas Gramedia for all Kompas Gramedia business units as a token of our appreciation for all our loyal Kompas Gramedia customers.

Partnership with Flazz BCA

KGVC has formed an alliance with Flazz BCA in line with our aim to provide more facilities and more benefits.

General Benefits (valid for All KGVC Cards)

1. Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts

  • 10 - 50% discounts off published rates or 5% discount off walk-in rates/prevailing package rates (not valid for Amaris Hotel)
  • 5% discount off walk-in price at any Amaris Hotel
  • 10% discount at Food and Beverage outlets (not valid for Amaris Hotel)

2. Discounts and Benefits at Kompas Gramedia:

  • Gramedia Bookstores: 10% discount of books published by Kompas Gramedia and 20% seasonal discount (Book Lover’s Time published by Kompas Gramedia)
  • Special prices on events organized by clubs (Klub Bobo, Klub Nova, Kompas, etc.)
  • Special prices on club merchandise
  • 10-50% discounts off club-organized courses or tours
  • KOMPAS: Up to 20% discount off events

Up to 10% discount off current marketing programs

Up to 10% discount off merchandise

  • WARTA KOTA: Up to 10% discount off events

Up to 10% discount off current marketing programs

Up to 10% discount off merchandise

  • KONTAN:Up to 10% discount off events

Up to 10% discount off merchandise

  • Special discounts at ELTI (15 % discount off tuition fee in public classes)
  • Information about programs and events at Bentara Budaya outlets (Jakarta, Yogya, Bali, Solo)
  • Certain discounts off handicrafts and paintings sold at all Bentara Budaya outlets
  • 10% discounts off registration at Sanggar Bona
  • Discounts from various other Kompas Gramedia merchants

3. Discounts from Flazz BCA Merchants

  • Enjoy discounts and benefits from all Flazz BCA merchants

Special Benefits

Santika Important Person (SIP) members will enjoy the opportunity to claim a prize in the form of a complimentary voucher after staying for a fixed number of room nights. Each 40 points get you one free night at any hotel not valid for The Royal Collection


Accruing Points

One room night at Hotel Santika and Hotel Santika Premiere: 2 points,
One room night at any Amaris Hotel: 1 point,
Each stamp obtained by an existing member counts as 2 points,
All points are totalled,
Complimentary room will be the lowest standard of room available at the hotel.

Membership Enrolment

How do I become a KGVC Santika Important Person member?

1. Stay at any of our hotels (Hotel Santika, Hotel Santika Premiere and Amaris Hotel)

  • Stay for at least two continuous nights at any one of our hotels, and get free membership for the first period.
  • Stay for three nights (not necessarily continuous) at the same hotel or more than one hotel, and get free membership for the first period.
  • Stay for one night at any one of our hotels, and become a member for IDR 50,000.
  • Existing member who has stayed at one of our hotels since January 2009 gets free membership for the first period.
  • Existing member who is not currently active, i.e. has not stayed at one of our hotels in the past two years, can reinstate membership for IDR 50,000.
  • Santika/Kompas Gramedia personnel can purchase membership for IDR 30,000 (valid for NIK holders only). Family members validated at exhibitions or special events may purchase
  • membership for IDR 50,000, with no hotel stay requirement.

2. Exhibitions/Special Events

  • Enrol instantly upon payment of IDR 50,000 with no hotel stay requirement.

How to Enrol

1. All applicants (new members, existing SIP members) must complete the Membership Form provided.
2. Where required, payment should be handed over to Reception, together with the completed form.
3. Where no payment is required, simply hand over the form to Reception.

Other Information

1. KGVC Flazz SIP Coordinator at Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts

2. KGVC Contact Center