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Transform your rewards to unique experiences.

Santika Important Person

Santika Important Person


Collect and Exchange your SIP POINTS Now!

Members holding less than 40 points will be required to achieve 40 points on or before 20 December 2017 to avoid losing them.

Members who have collected 40 or more points will be asked to redeem their points on or before 20 December 2017, with any unredeemed points still held by members after 21 December 2017 becoming subject to a new points reward and redemption system.

Information will be broadcast via: SMS & Email Blast, our website, social media and our front office.

To check your points, please visit or contact:

Front Office at any Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts.
Corporate SIP Admin on 021 – 2700027 Ext.151/155
Call Center KG Value Card on 1500548 or E-mail:


*Terms & Conditions:

Double point is only valid for stay period from 1 August to 20 December 2017.
Double point is only valid for the member who makes booking on

It is a membership card provided by Kompas Gramedia for all business units of Kompas Gramedia as a token of our appreciation to all the loyal customers with Kompas Gramedia, called Kompas Gramedia Value Card (KGVC). KGVC has formed an alliance with Flazz BCA is consistent with our objective to provide more facilities and benefits.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applies to all KGVC Flazz
  2. KGVC Flazz can be used for transaction (except in the Santika Group just as ID)
  3. Cards can be used at merchants and able for TOP UP min. Rp 100.000 max. Rp 1,000,000 at ATM BCA / Bank BCA / Gramedia Bookstores
  4. For members who do not have Bank BCA account, members can do cash depositor at Bank BCA or Gramedia Bookstores
  5. Every issue regarding Flazz card directly relate to HALO BCA
  6. The validity period of the card is 1 or 2 years

Special Benefits for Santika Member

Santika Important Person (SIP) members will enjoy the opportunity to claim a prize in the form of a complimentary stay voucher after staying for a fixed number of room nights. Each 40 points get you one free night at any Hotel Santika Premiere, Hotel Santika and Amaris Hotels in Indonesia. Not valid for The Royal Collections, The ANVAYA and hotels outside of Indonesia.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Especially for card users KGVC SIP Flazz
  2. Points are not transferable
  3. Stay at the Hotel Santika Premiere / Hotel Santika 1 night / room nights get 2 points, stay at Amaris Hotel 1 night get 1 point
  4. Stay and use voucher from Online Travel Agent (OTA) do not get any points
  5. Stay and use the complimentary hotel vouchers do not get any points
  6. Book a room from and get 2 points
  7. Each stamp from the old membership card will be counted as 2 points
  8. All points from Hotel Santika Premiere, Hotel Santika and Amaris Hotel will be accumulated by the system
  9. Points will be accumulated in 1 x 24 hours after check out
  10. Points are valid for 2 years from the first month and year points earned
  11. Points are NOT provided for guests who check in using the membership cards of others
  12. Points are NOT provided for guests who check in to the category of group
  13. Points are given for maximum of 6 rooms, for members who check in more than one room with all the provisions of the rooms on behalf of the member (check in and check out with the same name

Redeem Points

Send personal information to

Format: Name, Membership number, Mobile phone number and address

Contact Us

  1. KGVC Flazz SIP Coordinator at Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts
  2. Tel: +62 21 27 000 27 ext 151
    b. Email:
    c. Web:
    2. KGVC Contact Center
  3. Tel: +62 21 1500548
    b. Email:
    c. Web:

How do I become a KGVC Santika Important Person member?

  1. Stay at any of our hotels (Hotel Santika, Hotel Santika Premiere and Amaris Hotel)
  1. Stay for at least two continuous nights at any one of our hotels, and get free membership for the first period
  2. Stay for three nights (not necessarily continuous) at the same hotel or more than one hotel, and get free membership for the first period
  3. Stay for one night at any one of our hotels, and become a member for IDR 50,000
  4. Membership cards are available at front office at Hotel Santika Premiere/Hotel Santika/Amaris hotel or request to
  1. Exhibitions/Special Events

Enrol instantly upon payment of IDR 50,000 with no hotel stay requirement

  1. Special Promotions

Direct pay for membership card at special price or a certain discount based on the ongoing program 



  1. Click the Apply Card Now!
  2. Select: Choose a new card / additional card
  3. Fill personal data information, then click “Continue Registration”
  4. Select the type of card, example “Santika Important Person”
  5. Click “Finalize Registration”
  6. Prospective members will receive email notification for payment
  7. After completed the registration fee, members are required to confirm the payment by clicking the “Payment 
  8. Confirmation” in the notification email

Terms & Conditions

  1. KGVC SIP is valid for 4 years
  2. KGVC SIP membership applies only for Hotel Santika Premiere / Hotel Santika / Amaris Hotel in Indonesia
  3. KGVC SIP id not transferable
  4. Guest must show the membership card while check-in
  5. If the validity period has expired, the card can be extended at any hotel (Hotel Santika Premiere / Hotel Santika / Amaris Hotel in Indonesia) or send an email to with Rp 30.000/card as the fee
  6. Lost card can be reported to the closest unit hotel to reimburse the card replacement Rp 50.000 or send an email to
  7. Name of the guest while check in, must match with the card owner

The new card will be activated in addition to Group Hotel Santika after 2 x 24 hours after card accepted