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The cornerstone of PT Grahawita Santika's business is hotel management. As one of the strongest hotel operators in Indonesia, we have developed a winning strategy of combining the economies of our size with agility and precision in executing the right resources, proprietary systems and programs to operate hotels efficiently and profitably.

PT Grahawita Santika's proven systems allow our management teams to produce measurable results in guest satisfaction, revenue performance, cost management and profitability. It is the depth of our management team's experience that allows PT Grahawita Santika to continually improve profit margins through innovation. For further details on management contracts and other procedural details on investment and partnerships, please contact:

Hotel & Resort Development Division:
Jl Melawai VII No 6-8 Kebayoran Baru 12160
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 2700027, Fax: (62-21) 2700028
E-mail: businessdevelopment@santika.com
Web: www.santika.com