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Situated at the tip of a narrow bay and sheltered by an imposing mountain range, Palu is the capital city of Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province. Palu is blessed with natural wonders, and tourists are attracted to its beautiful beaches including Tanjung Karang, Towale, Enu, Malera and Moian. Water sports and diving are another common tourist activity. At Lake Lindu, located in the Lore Lindu Natural Reserve, one can witness the flora and fauna of Sulawesi island in all its glory. Other major attractions include Palu's Central Sulawesi Museum with its collection of rare folk artifacts and other ancient treasures. The area is also famous for its handicrafts.

The ancient seaport of Donggala is favourite spot for water enthusiasts. Serene Lake Poso, and the fascinating Bada Valley with its monolithic structures built by an ancient but lost civilization, are easily reached from Palu.

  • Hotel Santika Palu
  • Hotel Santika Palu