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Maimoon Palace

Maimun palace is one of the iconic city of Medan, North Sumatra, is located in the village Talbot, Medan Maimun district. Designed by Italian architect and built by the Sultan of Deli, Ma'mun Al Rashid Mighty Alamsyah in 1888, Maimun Palace has an area of 2772 m2 and 30 rooms. Maimun palace into a tourist destination not only because of old age, but also a unique interior design, combines elements of Malay cultural heritage, with a style of Islam, Spain, India and Italy. 

Alamat Istana Maimun:
Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Medan


 Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention Medan


Tjong A Fie

A prominent home located in the heart of Medan City at Kesawan Square, this beautiful mansion is full of characters and cultures behind its history in Medan. Now, for limited time only, the mansion is opened to visitors for an inside look at the true history of Tjong A Fie, a historic man.

In addition to being a planter, he was a banker and industrialist, not to mention the owner of the opium trade monopoly in northern Sumatra. At that time, Medan region was under the Deli Sultanate. Tjong A Fie had good relationship with the Sultan of Deli, Makmun Al Rasjid, and contributed funds to the building of the Mesjid Raya. Together with his elder brother Tjong Yong Hian, he became the main supplier to the plantations. 

The Tjong A Fie Memorial Institure:
Jl. Jend A. Yani No. 105 Medan
North Sumatera – Indonesia



 Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention Medan - Destination


Great Mosque

Mosque of Al-Mashun field located in the heart of Jalan precisely in Sisingamangaraja, despite being almost 100 years or a century (1906-2000), but the building and various ornaments still remain intact and sturdy. Malay Deli kingdom of Islam is still the pride of Muslims Medan and North Sumatra, and even become one of the unique history of Islam in Sumatra and the Malay community in Malaysia.

The mosque is the identity of Medan city, is indeed not just a regular historic antique buildings, but also keep its own uniqueness starts from the architectural style, building form, domes, towers, pillars to calligraphy ornaments that decorate every part of this old building. The mosque is designed with a blend of architectural styles the Middle East, India and European 18th century.

Great Mosque:
Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Medan
North Sumatera – Indonesia



Traditional Attractions

 Santika Premiere Dyandra Medan 


Fish Market

Although the name of market is fish, it does not mean this place sells fish. Fish market in the Village Kesawan, District of West Medan, it sells a variety of textiles, carpets, even the water of Zamzam. Ulos Batak and other traditional clothing can also be purchased here. Market which has been running more than 100 years has now become the center of the textile trade in the city of Medan.

Fish Market:
Jl. Perniagaan, Medan



Santika Premiere Dyandra Medan 



Bentor is traditional vehicle in Medan. It has motorcycle beside the transporter for passangers. Bentor generally used for short distance and low cost transportation. Bentor can carry more than two people and these vehicles are very popular in the city of Medan because of its unique and one of most practical vehicle to be option because it fast in the middle of town's traffic.