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Living Well in Banyumas

Capital of the Banyumas region, Purwokerto is a historic town located in the western part of Central Java, on the southern side of Java. Strategically situated on a major trans-island highway between the Indian Ocean and the central uplands, Purwokerto has long served as a transit point for travellers, even earning it the nickname "Transit City". Yet the city's many other nicknames - Kripik City, City of Learning, Retirement City - describe its many facets. Purwokerto is the departure point for excursions to the hot springs and splendid scenery surrounding Mount Slamet, Central Java's highest mountain.

Strategically located close to the city center and the main tourist and business, Hotel Santika Purwokerto features locally inspired interior designs, showcasing the famous Banyumasan wayang puppets and unique Banyumas batik. With excellent road and rail connections to all parts of Central Java and beyond, Hotel Santika Purwokerto is your ideal base when visiting the fascinating Banyumas region.

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